Are you in need of a fabric steamer and considering buying the Hilife Fabric Steamer? If so, you have come to the right place. Today, I’ll be covering the features, instructions, specifications, and my opinion in this complete Hilife Fabric Steamer Review. I will also link a special coupon code just for my readers below. Now, let’s look at how to remove wrinkles without ironing.

Hilife Fabric Steamer Review

Let’s start with the intended usage of the Hilife Fabric Steamer. (You can find images of the full product manual at the end of this Hilife Fabric Steamer Review)

The Hilife Fabric Steamer can be used for the following purposes:

  1. The fabric steamer can be used in place of an iron to remove wrinkles from clothing.
  2. The steam can be used to disinfect and sterilize surfaces.

For the purpose of this Hilife Fabric Steamer Review, I will be using the steamer to remove wrinkles from clothing.

how to remove wrinkles without ironing

A Few Safety Guidelines first:

  • As with any appliance, use common sense and follow all of the safety guidelines in the manual. I will link photos of the manual below.
  • Only use the Hilife steamer for it’s intended usage.
  • Never aim the steam at people or animals. The steam is hot and can harm and burn the skin.
  • Never immerse the steamer under water.
  • Never use this garment steamer while standing on or in a wet area.
  • Always unplug and allow the steamer to cool in a safe place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Neither Hilife nor myself accept liability for improper usage or harm caused by poor use of this steamer.

Next, let’s look at some of the special features of the Hilife Fabric Steamer.

  • Super easy to use: Just add water and plug in for up to 18 Minutes of continuous steaming.
  •  Works efficiently: The wrinkles and creases go away in seconds. Absolutely a lifesaver.
  • Portable and lightweight: makes it easy to carry and travel with.
  • Moreover, It’s an Amazon Choice product with 50000+ reviews
  • Value priced at under $30. But you can get it now with a 30% discount code on HILIFE official website by using my coupon code linked below.
Hilife Fabric Steamer Review

Now, let’s explore how to use the Hilife Handled Steamer:

How to use Hilife Steamer:

  1. Ensure that the Hilife steamer is unplugged, first.
  2. Place the steamer on a flat surface and twist the nozzle clockwise to remove.
  3. Fill the fabric steamer with water (distilled water is best as it will prevent mineral build-up) Don’t over-fill or it will spill over.
  4. Replace the nozzle and twist on securely
  5. Plug the steamer into an electric outlet and switch it ON. The on/off switch will light up when it’s on.
  6. Allow it to heat the water and create steam. This should take 1-2 minutes.
  7. Direct the steam at the garment to remove wrinkles.

Before & After Photos: Hilife Fabric Steamer Review

I used the steamer on a very wrinkled coat my husband uses at work. Take a look at the before and after photos below.

Hilife Fabric Steamer Review

In all, I am very pleased with the results. When used properly, the Hilife Handheld Steamer can be used in place of ironing.

Here is the Before photo of the back below.

Hilife Fabric Steamer Review

Here is the After Photo below.

Hilife Fabric Steamer Review

My Favorite Features of the Hilife Fabric Steamer

  • It heats up quickly. A word of caution: do not overfill. In fact, under fill this slightly. The water heats to almost a boil, so it can bubble over and spray hot water if you overfill it.
  • It gets hot and produces a good, effective amount of steam to remove wrinkles.
  • It does not run out of water before you finish. I had sufficient water to steam one garment without needing to refill it.
  • It’s compact. We love to travel, so this would be ideal for packing in a suitcase and using while traveling.
  • The cord length is generous. I was able to hang my garment and reach an outlet with ease. This would likely be necessary when using it in a hotel, as well.
  • The price point is a great value. I have a garment steamer that performs much worse than this one but costs more. The Hilife steamer performs very well and will be replacing my other steamer. You can save 30 percent by using my coupon code and the link below.
  • I am pleased with the amount of heat, steam, and performance of the Hilife Fabric Steamer. You can see the effectiveness in my before and after photos above.

Now, let’s examine some common troubleshooting issues in this Hilife Fabric Steamer Review

  1. If the unit fails to heat – Make sure it is plugged in and turned on.
  2. If the unit heats, but fails to produce steam- Make sure the water reservoir is filled (not overfilled), and ensure there is no mineral buildup.
  3. If the steam output is intermittent- There is likely mineral buildup inside the steamer that is causing the issue.

How to Remove Mineral Buildup in the Hilife Handheld Fabric Steamer

  1. The best way to prevent mineral buildup is to use distilled water in the steamer.
  2. If there is mineral buildup in your steamer, you can remove it by using – white vinegar, citric acid, or lemon juice.
  3. To remove the mineral buildup, add the vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid to the water tank and turn the unit on.
  4. Allow the unit to heat for 3-5 minutes and produce the steam.
  5. Turn the unit off, unplug it, and pour the cleaner down the drain.
  6. Repeat the cleaning process as needed.

The good people at Hilife provided this steamer for my complete and honest review. I was not compensated for my opinions and all of my opinions are solely mine based on my review.

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Hilife Fabric Steamer Manual:

Hilife Fabric Steamer Review
Hilife Fabric Steamer Review
Hilife Fabric Steamer Review
Hilife Fabric Steamer Review
Hilife Fabric Steamer Review

I hope you have benefited from my complete Hilife Fabric Steamer Review. Do you own a Hilife Steamer? If so, let me know what you love about it in the comments below.

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