Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter and constant housework? If you do, I have good and bad news for you. The bad news: Housework never really ends. The good news: You can declutter and create a quick, streamlined daily cleaning plan to help keep everything manageable.

First, let’s examine what things cause you the most daily stress? Is it the laundry, the dishes, the finances? Let’s address those areas first.


To get a better handle on these areas, we’re going to create a daily plan of attack. For my family of five, laundry is a daily activity. I do one load of laundry from start to finish everyday. If your family is small, that may be too frequent for you. You might be able to do a load of laundry every other day.

Try starting small and seeing if you need to move it up in frequency. I take all of the laundry throughout the house to the laundry room every morning. Then, I start a load in the washer. By evening, I dry, fold and put them away.

If I stay on top of this daily, things run much smoother for us. For bedsheets, I have two sets for every bed. If we wash sheets one day, we immediately put on the fresh set as soon as we strip off the dirty set. That way, no one has to wait until the laundry is done to make the bed. Each of my kids have one fresh set of sheets in their rooms at all times.


Now, let’s look at another common complaint. Not knowing what is in your checking account and how much is allotted for what purpose can be very stressful. This is how I approach the checkbook. My husband works outside the home, while I stay home to raise the kids and blog.

In the 19 years  we’ve been married, I’ve always managed the checkbook and made sure the bills are paid on time. If this is your responsibility, I can give you a few tips on how I streamline the process. I pay bills twice a month on each payday.

I balance the checkbook and check our balances daily. I also keep a little index card in the checkbook register for my notes. On this index card, I note exactly what amount is in the checking account and for what purpose. For example, it might look something like this:

1.Mortgage: 1,000

2.Groceries: 200.00

3.Gasoline: 150.00

4.Electric bill: 235.00

You get the idea. I have done this for years, and if we ever had an emergency, my husband can pull out the checkbook and see exactly what is in there and for what purpose. As we spend daily, I subtract and update those numbers. As long as I stay on top of this, it takes me less than ten minutes to balance the checkbook daily. 


Another common area of stress for most moms is dishes. Let’s streamline this problem and make it easier on you. To do that, you need to create a schedule that you follow daily to stay on top of this issue.

I personally like to load and run our dishwasher overnight while we sleep. Then, my very first chore I do every morning is to unload and put away those clean dishes. This way we start with an empty dishwasher each morning that we fill all day long.

This approach works well for our family. Another tip I have is that I never go to bed with any dirty dishes left undone. We all know that sometimes we fill our dishwashers to capacity and still have leftover dishes that  won’t fit. If this happens, I always hand wash those and let them air dry overnight while the dishwasher runs. I personally like waking up to a clean sink and clean dishes to start the day. Try this and see if it helps you!

So, there you have it. I have created a daily plan for three important areas that cause me stress if I leave them undone. I am writing this post as a series, so stay tuned as we tackle more daily housekeeping tasks and how to streamline the process to gain control over the clutter. 

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Happy Decluttering!

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