Do you want to breathe cleaner, fresher, moist air? Of course, we all do! Today, I’ll be giving you my complete Hilife Cool Humidifier Review. I’ll cover the features, instructions, specifications, and give you my opinion on how well it works. Check out the link below and use my coupon code to get 30 percent off.

Hilife Cool Humidifier Review

Let’s start this Hilife Cool Humidifier Review with understanding the purpose of the humidifier.

  • A humidifier puts moisture back in the air
  • When running the heater during winter, the air can get dry
  • Your eyes, nose, lips, and skin can suffer from the dryness
  • So, a humidifier is designed to restore moisture

First, let’s cover some general safety guidelines in this Hilife Cool Humidifier Review

  • Read the instruction manual prior to use. I’ll link photos of all the instruction manual pages below. This will help give you a visual to clarify every detail.
  • Do not add anything to the water tank except water (no essential oils, medicines, etc.)
  • Never mix water and electricity – Do not use this humidifier while standing on or in water.
  • Never immerse the humidifier in water.
  • As with anything electric, use good, common sense
  • Neither I, nor Hilife, are responsible for any harm experienced by poor usage.
  • Keep away from children and unplug and empty water when not in use.
Hilife Cool Humidifier Review

Next, in my Hilife Cool Humidifier Review, we’ll look at some features that set it apart

  • Automatically Adjust Mist Steam: Always keep the room at your preset humidity level.
  • Relaxing & Restful Sleep : Humidify the room without causing excess noise. It can run all day and night.
  • 250mL/H, Large Mist, Get Rid of Dryness: Keep your skin and breathing comfortably hydrated.
  • Easy to clean and fill: Top fill design with detachable components makes the vaporizer much easier to clean and refill.
  • Easy to Use: The control buttons and LED indicator are right in the front and easy to access. Three adjustable haze levels allow you to have the most comfortable environment.

Now, let’s look at how to use your Hilife Cool Humidifier

  1. Place the humidifier on a flat surface. Do not plug in yet.
  2. Remove the top lid of the water tank and fill with distilled water. Note: You can use tap water, but distilled water prevents mineral buildup. Also, use only water. Do not add anything to the water.
  3. Plug in the humidifier.
  4. Tap the on/off button to turn it on.
  5. Press the mist level button to adjust the mist setting.
  6. Press the humidity control button to adjust the humidity level.
  7. Press the timer button to set it to run for a certain length of time.
Hilife Cool Humidifier Review

Notes about the Humidity Mode on the Hilife Cool Humidifier

  • You can change the relative humidity by tapping the humidity button
  • The default level is 45 percent
  • With each tap of the button, the humidity will adjust by 5 percent
  • Once the set humidity level is reached, the humidifier will stop misting.
  • The misting will restart when the humidity level drops 5 percent below the set level

Understanding the Sleep Mode on the Hilife Cool Humidifier

  • If you want to enable the sleep mode, turn the humidifier on and then press the humidity button for 2 seconds.
  • The display will automatically turn off and the humidifier will start to work
  • To wake the humidifier display, tap any button and the indicator light will light up
  • To wake the humidifier from sleep mode, wake the display as mentioned above and then tap any button once

Placement of the Hilife Cool Humidifier

  • The humidifier should be used away from children’s reach
  • Position your humidifier at least 12 inches away from walls/ceilings to prevent moisture damage. Check the area routinely for water damage.
  • Place on an elevated surface, such as a dresser, away from the reach of small children. I, personally, like to place a humidifier on a tray to prevent damage to wood furniture surfaces.
  • Do not place on rugs, floors, or carpets
  • Turn the mist nozzle away from anything that could get water damaged

Hilife Cool Humidifier Review: What do I think?

  • Attractive: I like the design and look of the humidifier. It looks modern and sleek.
  • Usefulness: We are experiencing winter as I’m writing this post, and running the heater is drying my skin. This humidifier is great at restoring the moisture and hydrating my whole family. My kids usually experience nose-bleeds during this season. The Hilife humidifier is helping to prevent the nose-bleeds by putting the moisture back into the air.
  • Ease of Use: The humidifier is easy to use. The buttons are clearly labeled and the options make sense to me.
  • LED display: The LED display helps you to gain a sense of control over the humidity level of the room.
  • Storage tank: The water storage level is sufficient to allow it to run for a long time without needing to be filled frequently.
  • Mist Level: I like that you can control the mist level on this humidifier. If I wanted to run it at night for 8 hours, I can.
  • Price: The price is a good value for what you get. Check out the link below and use my coupon code to get 30 percent off.

The good people at Hilife provided this humidifier for my complete and honest review. I was not compensated for my opinions and all of my opinions are solely mine based on my review.

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I hope you have benefited from my complete Hilife Cool Humidifier Review. Do you own a Hilife humidifier? If so, let me know what you love about it in the comments below.

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Hilife Cool Humidifier User Manual:

Hilife Cool Humidifier Review
Hilife Cool Humidifier Review
Hilife Cool Humidifier Review
Hilife Cool Humidifier Review
Hilife Cool Humidifier Review
Hilife Cool Humidifier Review
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Hilife Cool Humidifier Review