How Do You Declutter Your House? 2020 edition: Welcome to the Year Long Thorough Declutter Series! Find organizing ideas, deep cleaning checklists, and How to Deep Clean and Declutter Your Entire Home here.

How Do You Declutter Your House?

How Do You Declutter Your House? + Homemaking Skills: How to Deep Clean and Declutter Every Room: Get my decluttering strategies here. Check out these 5 IMPORTANT guidelines to keep you on task: 

1.Only spend time on your specific daily task. 

2.Do not get side-tracked or distracted. 

3.Work within a time of day that you have the most energy and stamina. 

4.Avoid thinking too long about whether to keep or discard an item. Recruit help if you are stuck in the decision process. 

5.Avoid cleaning during your declutter. Getting rid of the clutter is your priority. Cleaning can be accomplished later. Read on for deep cleaning checklists, though, as you will begin cleaning after your declutter.

Homemaking Skills: HOW TO DECLUTTER:

Supplies Needed:

1. boxes -preferably ones you can donate (Avoid plastic storage bins because you may be tempted to just store the items and not part with them.)

2. sturdy trash bags

3. marker/pen to label boxes

Decluttering Tip: Avoid using storage bins to declutter. Storage bins tend to tell your brain to “store” the items for later. That is just delaying decisions. If you aren’t getting rid of items when you declutter, you are not truly decluttering. This is why I recommend a trash bag, also. A trash bag tells your brain to “trash” the item.

Obviously, recycle if you have that option. The boxes you use should be ones you are willing to part with, so I recommend sturdy cardboard boxes. As to donations, there are many charities that will come pick up your items for you at your home.

I use one in particular where you can book an appointment for pick-up online. This is so convenient, as it saves you the hassle of hauling stuff away yourself. Scheduling that pick-up also motivates you to declutter by a certain date.

How to Declutter:

1. Start by eliminating trash first- use a sturdy trash bag

2. Sort items by category if needed so you can see what you have

3.Get rid of duplicate items, broken items, outgrown clothes and shoes, anything you’ll never use again

4. Box up the donations and trash/recycle the rest

5.Select a charity to donate your items and schedule the pick-up if that is an option

Year Long Through Daily Declutter Series Task:

We are working in the entryway, foyer, and mudroom this week. Your daily declutter series task for today, September 15th, is to: Declutter your pet leashes and pet supplies.

Complete Room by Room Deep Clean and Declutter Checklists below

Bonus Tip: What is the fastest way to clean a dirty house? If you have a big task, such as how to help a hoarder get rid of clutter, try this strategy. Use a timer like the Fly lady recommends. You can check her out in the link at the bottom of this post. She suggests using a kitchen timer to speed you along as you clean and declutter. Brilliant! 

You can use a kitchen timer or even your smart phone. This tip really does motivate you to move faster. It’s amazing how much you can do in just 10 minutes. Use my cleaning checklists as you clean, so you are sure to not waste time thinking about what to clean next.

Honestly, if you’re like me, you hold onto boxes of some of your more expensive purchases, such as a TV or computer, just in case you need to return them within the store’s return policy time. If so, make a note to discard or recycle these boxes routinely(once a month is fine), so they don’t pile up.

How Do You Declutter Your House? (tasks you can do in 30 minutes)

Tip: When dealing with sentimental items such as trophies and photos, consider how you might display them in your home if you plan to keep them. For photos, consider storing them in a box or an album in your home. If they are damaged beyond repair, take a photo of the item and keep the photo as your keepsake to preserve the memory. Browse Pinterest for some great ideas.

For Hoarders, I wouldn’t even touch anything sentimental when decluttering, as this is a very sensitive and difficult place to start decluttering. Instead, try utilizing the timer approach mentioned above and tackle those “easy to part with” items first. 

Use the declutter checklists below to determine where to start. You can even use a camera to stay motivated. To do this, take a “before” photo each day before you start decluttering. Then, take an “after”photo when you finish that space. Even if it’s just a small dent in the huge project, it can still be very motivating and encouraging. 

How Do You Declutter Your House? + Ideas to Deep Clean and Declutter: Need to deep clean?

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If you are asking:How Do You Declutter Your House? What is the fastest way to clean a dirty house? You need a basic routine to maintain it once it’s clean. Specifically, to keep up the general housework, you need to create a daily housekeeping schedule that suits your specific needs. To do so, I have created a helpful series you can read here.

Complete Home Declutter (tasks you can do in 30 minutes): Follow each room-by-room “declutter your home” checklist below

I have declutter checklists for every room and every space in your home to guide you along below. What is the best way to declutter? Follow my “Declutter Your Home” checklists to get you started.

Need “Declutter Your Home” checklists for each room? Read more below.

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 Ways to Declutter

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What is the best way to declutter?  What is the fastest way to clean a dirty house? Declutter Your Home Checklist

Happy Decluttering!

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New to and don’t know where to start? I recommend going in this order:

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Step 2: Create a daily Housekeeping Schedule. You can use this series to start to set up your own schedule. You can also use this simplified weekly schedule.If you often ask: What is the fastest way to clean a dirty house? Or, if you struggle to get organized and have tried and failed time and again, you can likely find out which of these 11 reasons cause you to fail to get organized.

Step 3:   How do you remove clutter? How Do You Declutter Your Home?.…Sign up for the Declutter Series and get your entire home decluttered in just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.”Declutter Your Home” checklists are provided in each email.

Step 4: What is the fastest way to clean a dirty house? Use a timer and use the Deep Cleaning Checklists above. They will help you get your home sparkling after you’ve decluttered. 

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