As an avid lover and user of Pinterest, I thought it necessary to address an issue that I see repeatedly on Pinterest. Let me first clarify one thing. It is not the fault of Pinterest, rather, it is a user problem.

I am talking about the issue of pornographic images. You see, I am a woman, a mom, a wife, and a Christian who blogs. I use and love Pinterest for the ideas and tips I get from using the platform.

I love being able to search out an idea and get loads of great images, tips, hints, and tutorials for just about any and every category you might imagine. However, as I’ve grown my Pinterest following, I am consistently seeing an issue that is ugly that no one seems to be addressing.

I even tried to address it in a blogger’s forum, and no one had any real  solutions for me. However, I’m looking at my followers’ following, and I see that they each have the same issue. 

Here is my issue, the ugly side of Pinterest: people are uploading pornographic images to their profile pics and to their boards, and NO ONE seems to be immune to being followed by these people. I do not know whether it is a woman user or a man, and it doesn’t matter really, does it? In a blogger forum, one blogger referred to it as spam. I refer to it as spam and as clickbait. Either way, it is offensive to me. I don’t like seeing it. All I can do is block them. 

You see, as I’ve begun to blog, I have also greatly increased my Pinterest following. I usually check my followers routinely and follow back almost everyone. This is an effective way to grow your Pinterest following, in case you weren’t aware. But, I see these nasty profile pics and I just block them. Do I lose followers by doing so? Yes. Is it worth it to me? Also, yes. I actually care what shows on my Pinterest profile, and I don’t need these disgusting images showing up on my feed. I imagine you don’t want to see them either. 

So, why does this bother me so deeply? Well, partly because I am a woman. I also have a daughter and two sons. I do not display my body freely for anyone to see and partake of, except for my hot husband, privately. My daughter isn’t allowed to dress that way either. Women are more than eye candy, and we are not supposed to be a “meat market” for people to lust after.

I am also bothered by pornography very deeply because of my Christian faith. I see that as a moral issue. My conviction is that women’s bodies are created in the image of God, a beautiful and private scene reserved only within marriage.

My daughter is a treasure, and we don’t allow her to put herself on display for the world. My husband and my sons deserve to not be tempted either. In a world with images constantly being flashed at us, I am responsible for teaching them to choose wisely. Everything we encounter, whether images or information, requires us to make a decision. We can either engage and act on what we see, or we can turn away and choose not to engage. 

If woman are ever going to receive equal rights and equal treatment, we have to allow ourselves to dress and act respectfully. By dressing modestly and respectfully, you will gain the honor you are seeking. 

So, what is my solution? Right now, it is simply this. I just block them from following me. Will that stop this practice? No, probably not. But, rather than hide from it, I thought you should know it exists and the greater your Pinterest following, the more susceptible you’ll be to getting these types of followers. If this is happening to you, you are not alone. 

What is the Christian response? Well, I think it is twofold. One: I block those people and images. Two: I pray for these women.

2020 Update: I think Pinterest may have addressed this problem! So, they must be listening to their users. Yah, Pinterest! I no longer receive these types of followers.

I pray that your eyes will be open and you’ll encounter God and allow Him to give you everything you may be seeking, from love, to attention, to right relationships. Maybe no one ever told you how valuable you really are. I’m telling you now. Maybe no one ever respected you or paid attention to you unless you undressed. Is that the type of attention that fulfills you? I don’t believe it ever will. If only you knew how great, wonderful, wide, and deep the love of God is for you. Maybe no one ever told you. I’m telling you now. 

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