Today, I’m going to tackle a tough issue many bloggers face in the beginning of their blogging journey. Let’s look at why no one is reading your blog and what you can do about it. We’re needing more traffic, right? Let’s find out how to get there.

Now, before you let your thoughts get carried away, I want to encourage you. Wait. What? That’s right. Encouragement is my way and my method to help fellow bloggers. Chances are, if you aren’t getting anyone to read your blog, you are already discouraged and tempted to quit. But instead of quitting or giving up, let’s “problem solve”. There can be multiple solutions, and this can be fixed.

That is how I am different. As a Christian, I believe in hope and victory. My faith is important to me, and though I won’t push it on you, I do believe that hope is an important key to your success. If you lose hope and decide blogging for an income isn’t possible, I aim to help change your mind. (If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.)

Hope will sustain you through difficult times and seasons in your life. We all need hope to press on when facing challenges. I want to inspire you to continue. I want to see you overcome adversity.

So, let’s dive in to unveil why no one is reading your blog and what you can do about it. Because, you CAN change this with knowledge and the right tools. I started out on my blogging journey just like you. I knew I had a desire to write, and I knew I had an idea that sparked interest in others. I also knew my potential audience and identified their key problems in this area.

Why? Because I was writing from a place of experience on a topic I know well. My niche is cleaning, decluttering, and organizing, by the way. I have been a neat freak since I was old enough to walk. I am a natural born organizer. I also know my own struggles in this area, and they are pretty common among my readers.

I identify with my audience. So, as you’ve probably guessed, step one is to define your niche and know your audience. (If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.)

1. Define your niche and know your audience.

I also mentioned that my audience and I identify on common ground. We all struggle in similar ways. My goal then, as a blogger, is to offer solutions to my readers’ problems.

2. Define common reader problems and offer solutions.

Next, we need to prepare a good working outline to your blog posts and make sure they all fit in a common theme. You can’t get to a specific place if you don’t know where you are going. Someone reading your blog should be able to identify your niche fairly quickly. You need consistency in your content, too.

This goes back to defining your niche. But, we’re going a step further. I want you to prepare a series on a specific topic within your niche. I want you to really dig deeper and create some material worth reading. You need to stand out. Don’t just use fillers, but really focus on producing good material.

3. Write out a plan in your specific niche that can be used as a series of blog posts.

After you have a well defined idea that can be written in a series, you need to begin to write those blog posts. The more posts you create, the better. If you are a beginning blogger, aim to write at least 3 new blog posts a week. Use this series to stay on task.

Within your blog series, offer challenges and inspiration to your readers to keep them interested and keep them coming back. Make sure you have a way for readers to subscribe to your blog to get your updates as you produce new blog posts. I have a blog post devoted to creating a year’s worth of blog posts in one afternoon using my method. You can read that post here. (If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.)

4. Promote, promote, promote!

I can’t stress this step enough. While you may be the smartest in your niche or the best writer in your field, literally no one will read your blog if they don’t know it even exists. My favorite and most productive way to promote my blog is through Pinterest. If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, you need to start learning more now. Don’t wait.

Pinterest is my number one source for organic traffic. Why? Because Pinterest is a visual search engine. Yes, it is considered social media, but it is SO much more. In Pinterest, you can create “pins” which are visuals to promote your blog posts. Check out my post on how to create Pinterest pins for free using Canva here. If you haven’t tapped into the gold mine that is Pinterest, start today. I’ll introduce you to Pinterest group boards in another blog post. For now, just focus on growing your Pinterest following. You can read how to grow your following here.

5. Get honest reviews from those who love you and be prepared to listen and take constructive criticism.

This step is a difficult but necessary one. Now is the time for “thick skin.” If you are married, get your spouse to read your blog posts and offer some constructive criticism. If you are not married, ask a trusted best friend to offer her advice. Ask her to browse your website to see if it is easy to navigate. Can you make it more user-friendly? If so, work on that. How is your grammar? Your content? Get some constructive criticism. 

6. Grow your audience.

To  get more readers to your blog, you need to let lots of people know you exist. I do this mainly through Pinterest. You can also use other social media to gain a group of interested readers.

You need like-minded readers who will return to your blog again and again because they found you through a keyword search. So, Pinterest is the key here to finding them. Convert your Pinterest account to a business account and add your blog keywords in your profile and link your website to your profile. (If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.)

7.Automate as much as possible.

To do this, I use Tailwind. By automate, I mean automate your Pinterest pinning to promote your blog posts. You can join Tailwind through my link. In full disclosure, it is an affiliate link, so I’ll be compensated if you do. Tailwind allows you to schedule lots of pins from Pinterest to all of your boards.

Tailwind is so brilliant that they study your profile and post during the times when your readers are on Pinterest and most likely to engage in your content by clicking your pins. Tailwind also gives you great analytics to see how your pins are doing. Tailwind has groups you can join called tribes.

These tribes are filled with people who will share your content as you share their content. It’s a marriage made in heaven. I’ll share more in another blog post about how to find and use great Tailwind tribes. For now, just join Tailwind and start planning to promote your Pinterest pins.

8. SEO -Search Engine Optimization

If you haven’t done so already, add lots of keywords to your blog and your website that identify your niche. Doing this is called “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. These keywords connect your blog to the search bars whenever people type in your specific keywords to search a topic online. Special Note: SEO actually takes about 6 months to start really kicking in, so optimize your site today. Don’t delay. (If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.)

So, that’s it for now. These 8 key things are pretty important to get more traffic to your blog. They will help resolve the issue of why no one is reading your blog. Hang in there. Stay the course. Don’t quit now.

There is always something you can improve to get more readers to you blog. Speaking of improvement, read material from other people who are already experiencing success in this area. Discover their strategies and follow them.

I hope to provide you some blogging help, too. If you enjoy this type of content and want to know more, subscribe below to get blog updates and more encouragement to continue your blogging journey.

Bloggers, stay tuned, as I’ll do my best to send more helpful information like this your way! (If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.)

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In just one month of implementing some of her strategies, I had a four thousand percent increase in traffic and income! If you would have told me this was possible so quickly, I would have doubted you, but it’s true! Stay tuned in this series to learn more about Angie’s products. I’ll try to review each one to help you decide.

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through my links, I’ll be compensated at no additional cost to you.)

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