WAYS TO MONETIZE YOUR BLOG WITH ADS: UPDATE: Since I’ve posted this blog post, I have had a negative experience and can no longer ethically recommend Yllix. A reader messaged me stating that she had clicked an ad on my blog which led to pornography. Yikes! That is NOT something I  endorse, and she thought someone had hacked my page.

It turns out, it was NOT hacked but Yllix was responsible for that ad. I have since decided to no longer use them as an ad source. If you are a blogger, make sure you are clear about what types of ads you will allow on your site. Remember, it’s YOUR ad space, so guard it! The LAST thing you want is for your readers to have a negative experience when on your site. Don’t ever trade revenue for ethics!


If you are already a reader of mine, you know I love blogging about cleaning and organizing mostly. But, I also realize many of my readers are stay-at-home moms/parents who are looking for ways to bring in extra income. One of the best ways to make money blogging is by utilizing WAYS TO MONETIZE YOUR BLOG WITH ADS.

WAYS TO MONETIZE YOUR BLOG WITH ADS: One of the best ways to earn money online is by blogging. It is not only a creative outlet for many, but it can also be a significant form of income for you and your family.

In this post, I want to show you 2 other ways to monetize your blog with ads besides using Google Adsense. 

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We see ads everywhere we go, right? You really can’t avoid them. This photo below is an example of prime ad space. To advertise there, the ad companies are charged a large amount of money because of all the potential viewers and customers they reach.

Website advertising is no different. Companies pay a cost to place their ads on other people’s websites. The more traffic to the site, the more they pay.

When you, as a blogger, become a publisher of those ads, you receive a piece of the revenue they bring by allowing the ads to be displayed on the website you own. I want to show you 2 other ways to monetize your blog with ads besides using Google Adsense. 

monetize your blog with ads

I’ve written to you previously about affiliate marketing and how you can monetize your blog in that way. I’ve also written about Google Adsense and how to set that up on your blog. However, Google Adsense is not the only ad source out there. It is certainly one of the most popular, but I want to introduce you to 2 more I also like and use.If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.

How to Monetize your Blog with Ads:

Update:Read my blog post update above, and exercise extreme caution if you plan to use Yllix. I no longer use or recommend them.

1. Yllix Media

WAYS TO MONETIZE YOUR BLOG WITH ADS: Yllix is an ad company that will display ads on your blog/website for free. They pay you for the ad space. They have banner ads, slider ads, pop up ads, and redirects. Approval is fast and the customer service I’ve experienced has been great. I have zero complaints. I personally use the  banner ads and the pop ups.

I do not personally like redirects, myself, because, hence the name, they redirect your reader away from your site automatically without their consent while they are trying to access your website. This is frustrating and not really the way I want my readers to experience my website. I actually want my readers to read my blog posts. If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.

I’m sure if you are blogging, you would want your readers to have the best experience on your site, also. Yllix does give you an option to manage how frequently the site visitor is redirected, but I still prefer not to use this type of ad, myself. 

 An added bonus: The payout for withdrawing your earnings is only $10, so you can withdraw your money once you reach that threshold. This is unlike Adsense where you have a $100 threshold, which can take a long time for new bloggers to reach.

What I like about Yllix: They have a very user friendly platform. I was able to easily add the ads I wanted by copying and pasting the ad code to my site via HTML. I was up and running in minutes. I also like the dashboards they offer because I can see my live website data, including the number of site visitors I’m getting per day.

Side Note: I am NOT the technical type. Most everything I’ve leaned about blogging and website management has been on my own. I do not have anyone working for me, and I’ve reached out for support multiple times. So, when I say I’ve added it via HTML code, it is not because I have a vast computer knowledge. My website is run by godaddy, and they have an HTML option where I can just copy and paste ad code. 

monetize your blog with ads

2. Media.net

Media.net is another great source for displaying ads for free on your blog or website. They are also free to use and pay you for the ad space on your site. Media.net is basically the Google Adsense alternative for the Yahoo and Bing search engines.

However, your readers do not HAVE to be searching for you on Bing or Yahoo to land on your page. You can draw readers in via Pinterest, as I do. For more help on growing your Pinterest Following, read my previous posts and subscribe to my site to get a free tutorial emailed to you. 

What I like about Media.net: The ads on this were a little confusing for me to add to my site because I have to do so via HTML. The first day I tried multiple times and failed. The next day I noticed a little option that made this Soooo much simpler.

On the dashboard, click ad units, and then click the one you want. Then, once you get to the area where you copy the code to paste to your site, notice the button the top right corner. It gives you the option to click Synchronous/Asynchronous. Choose the Synchronous option and it gives you only ONE CODE, which is so much simpler to do via HTML. 


Another thing I like about Media.net is their dashboard. Like Yllix, they show you the number of visitors to your site as well as other relevant information which is a little more like Adsense. They show the Impressions, Revenue Trends, RPM, and Viewability. If you are new to blogging, that probably makes little sense to you. I’ll go into more details about that data in another post.

So, hopefully, this post has given you a few more options to monetize your blog besides just using Google Adsense.

Bloggers, stay tuned, as I’ll do my best to send more helpful information like this your way!If you need to sign up for a new blog, try bluehost for the cheapest options.

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